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Gluten Free Food in Brazil

The beautiful country were I live is known as a multi-ethnic land, translated in one language (the Portuguese) and all the diferent flavors you can imagine!

What´s gluten-free?
As in all countries of the world, you always have to ask: “Is gluten-free?”
All labels of industrialized food must have a warning about the presence of gluten.
Be careful in restaurants, bakeries, etc; you must learn how to ask for gluten-free food. And many people don´t know what is the “gluten”. So, you have to ask the chef about “suspicious” ingredients, as wheat flour, etc..
The Brazilian cuisine is made up of unique aromas and tastes. In addition of being highly nutritious, it is also made of a wide variety of ingredients.

A typical brasilian table setting consists of rice, beans (“feijoada”), meat and salad. For dessert you can have fresh fruits, and coffe. This meal is simple, delicious, gluten-free, and you´ll find it everywhere you go.

If you´re a big barbecue fan, don´t miss the “churrascarias”, traditional restaurants that serve all the meat you can eat, plus a great salad buffet, so you don´t fell too guilty after the banquet!

If you´re lucky to visit the paradisiac beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or Santa Catarina, you can enjoy a variety of grilled fishes and seafood, and drink coconut water, or a “caipirinha”.

The Northeast state of Bahia has some wonderful gluten-free dishes.

At breakfast try the “tapioca” (a manioc pancake), the “pão de queijo” (cheeese bread) and the maize cake. At lunch or dinner spice up with an “acarajé” (one of the best gluten-free foods in the world! - see picture), a “vatapá”, or the “moqueca de peixe”.

And don´t forget the fruits of the season, the dozens of icecream flavors, the walnuts like "castanha-do-pará" and "castanha-de-caju", and the refreshing juices.
Little English-Portuguese Dictionary for the celiac tourist:
gluten – glúten
gluten-free – não contém glúten
wheat flour – farinha de trigo
corn - milho
acaraje - the "bun" is made from deep-fried black eyed peas and the filling is vatapa (spicy shrimp puree), sun-dried shrimp, okra stew, cilantro and tomatoes.
more information about Brazil:
In this site, the celiacs that visit Rio de Janeiro and other places in Brazil, will find very useful tips!
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